We have invested heavily and prudently in new, sophisticated, production equipment that we have learned how to use well so that, with you, we can reach the exceptional standards that all of us in Metal Ser, work hard for and are proud of.
We streamline our production with the aid of CNC technology which, in turn, allows us to introduce complimentary product lines such as formed metal shapes, Alucobond panelling and structural glazing systems.
Our business covers the supply of both stick and semi-unitised curtain walls, as well as windows and doors.

For all our products,we seek to maintain compliances with industry standards via EN and BS established principles.
We also consider environmental issues in terms of how our design solutions perform; through to how we manage our waste disposal and recycling.
We regularly seek to offer complete envelope solutions wherever we can; offering our customers the confidence that comes by way of a single source for all your facade needs, in one package.
We continuously monitor and audit our supply chain partners, encouraging best practice principles at every stage, whilst simultaneously training our staff to be forward thinking, innovative team members.